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New Bluestone Factory After Environmental Clean-up Action

Author : Steven Date : 1/21/2018 6:03:28 AM
Since 2017 environmental regulation of government, many factories and quarries shut down.

Against this background, we build a new factory that meet all environmental standards that
government requested.

After around 3 months rectify and reform, our new factory get all certificate from government
and back to production on 15th, September, 2017.

In new factory, we have 6 gang saw, 2 CNC cutting machines, 3 cutting machines, 2 polishing
machines, 3 tumble roller etc. Production capacity can reach 10-15x 40'GP bluestone mailbox
or 15-20x 20'GP building stone.

Here attach some photos of our new bluestone factory:
Scene of factory

Workshop of polishing & packing

CNC cutting machine


Bluestone mailbox, natuursteen brievenbus
Een brievenbus in natuursteen gaat een leven lang mee.
De tijdloze schoonheid van de gebruikte materialen zorgt ervoor dat ze in de mode blijft.
Je brievenbus is het visitekaartje van je woning!

Click here to download file checking more photos: